Check out a great Interview with Members of the NADTA Student Committee!!

Are you all students yourself and if so, where do you study? Have all of you been to an NADTA conference previously?  

The student committee is made up of representatives from each of the schools with Drama Therapy programs in North America (Antioch, CIIS, Concordia, K-State, Lesley, and NYU) as well as Alternative Training students. We are supported by our ex-officio members Nadya Trytan, Jason Butler, and Susan Ward. Many of our students on the committee are returning to conference for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time while others are looking forward to their first conference experience!

Can you tell us what you have planned for the conference?

We have two major events for students at the conference. These events are for students connected to a graduate program, alternative training students, as well as students coming to conference who just have an interest in Drama Therapy.

On Thursday we are having a full-day pre-conference event just for students. This day will feature games and activities to get to know each other, conversations and presentations on current student research, as well as a Q&A panel with current RDTs working in the field. This is a great day for students who are new to conference or new to the field to meet fellow students and to interact directly with RDTs from all over North America.

On Saturday afternoon we are having a workshop from 3:30-5:00. We are calling this day “Self-Care Saturday” (and have started talking about this on Facebook using the hashtag #selfcaresaturday). We will have conversations about self-care practices that we use as both graduate students and therapists. We will have a time of yoga as well as some other self-care activities during this workshop! Wear comfortable clothes.

Do you have any goals both as a group and as individuals for what you would like participants to experience as a result of the events you have planned?

Our main goal is to build community between the student population. Although we are living in different parts of North America and may be different ages, we have a bond as graduate students in Drama Therapy. One of my favorite moments from conference last year had to do with this bond. One night after the evening events at conference, a bunch of students gathered to go out in Montreal. There was a moment when I looked around and saw students from EVERY school dancing with each other on the dance floor. We weren’t separate schools; we were one student cohort. This energy and desire for community is what is launching us into this year’s student events.

Have any of you been to this location before and if so can you describe what you are most looking forward to?

Our planning committee has been excited about the self-care aspect that will be present in Yosemite which is why we decided to focus one of our events solely on that!

Is there anything else us participants should know about the conference this year?

This past year the Student Committee partnered with the Drama Therapy Fund on a very exciting project. The students of NADTA have been blessed by the support of the Drama Therapy Fund for financial assistance to attend conference. Many of us could only attend conference thanks to the scholarships that the Fund provides. In order for the Student Committee to help get financial assistance to MORE students we have partnered with the Drama Therapy Fund for an exciting project.

The Student Committee has designed and created Drama Therapy items (t-shirts, mugs, keychains, etc.) that can be purchased on Cafe Press. These items were designed by students and are a way to get more money for the Drama Therapy Fund. The profits from the items sold will go directly to the Drama Therapy Fund. The Drama Therapy Fund has said that money that is raised from the online store will be added to the amount to be dispersed for student scholarships.

There will be a table at conference that features some of the items as well as information on how to shop online. Be sure to stop by the table at conference to see some of the items that you can order online. To shop, visit The more items that we sell, the more money that will be available for additional scholarships to future conferences.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you are a student in Drama Therapy we would love to have you join us for our student events at conference in Yosemite. If you have any questions about the student cohort please feel free to contact Barrett Scroggs, Co-Chair of the NADTA Student Committee at, or your school’s student representatives:

Alternative Training:








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Maggie Powell & Barrett Scroggs.

Co-Chairs of the Student Committee

Interview Conducted By:

Cynthia Holloway, Psy.D.

Social Media Chair, NADTA 2014