Submission Guidelines

The Dramascope is looking for voices from all over the Drama Therapy community!  If you have an idea for a blog post – fully formed, half baked, or somewhere in between – please reach out to us at All perspectives and points of entry are welcome. Final posts range between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Hope to hear from you, and in the mean time, we encourage you to comment on/respond to the bi-weekly posts when they come up.  Find blog announcements here at the NADTA’s Facebook page or follow us on twitter @theDramascope.

Dramascope Submission Checklist

Before submitting your draft to, please verify that it:

  • Is between approximately 1,000 and 1,500 words.
  • Includes a 3 line bio with your associated institutions, professional roles, and personal interests.
  • Uses Times New Roman, size 12 font.
  • Is single spaced, double spaces to new paragraphs, and uses one space after a period.
  • Uses appropriate APA citations and references as necessary.
  • Includes the Title and Author’s Name in the top left corner.
  • Is saved as an MSWord .doc or .docx file, as “Last Name – Title”
  • Includes an appropriate cover image or indicates in the accompanying email that the technical editor can find one.
  • Includes a photo of the author to accompany the bio.
  • Includes images or video in the appropriate formats (Photos: 1024 Width, 1024 Height; Video: 440 pixels) and indicates where these images belong in the text.
  • Features client case material ONLY IF:
    • Permission for publication has been obtained from both client and supervisor.
    • Names and identifying information have been changed, and this is stated in the article.

Dramascope Policies

Editing and Publishing

We will confirm receipt of your submission within 2 days, and will inform you of your acceptance, and a potential posting date in 10-14 days.

The editing team reserves the right to make minor changes to your text with regards to grammar, syntax, and formatting, and to post your piece without approval of these changes. Any edits to content will be returned to your for your approval before posting. You will be informed when your blog entry has been posted via email from the Editor in Chief.

Social Media

New posts will be announced to the community at large via Twitter, Facebook, the Drama Therapy Listserve, the NADTA Website, and the Behind the Scenes Constant Contact email.

Drama Therapy Review

If deemed appropriate, the editing team may forward your name and contact information to the editors of the professional journal, the Drama Therapy Review, to explore the possibility of expanding your work into a published journal article. If you would prefer to refuse this option, please state that wish in your submission email.


Dramascope encourages each blog contributor to try to make the time to engage with the online blog community as they comment on and respond to your blog.

All comments must be pre-approved by the editing team, and the editing team reserves the right to refuse:

  • Comments that are meant to undermine the credibility of the contributor
  • Comments that are prejudiced, culturally, racially, and/or economically biased in nature or insensitive
  • Comments meant to derail or detract from the integrity of the NADTA or its correspondents
  • Comments unrelated to the contents of the post itself
  • Comments that fulfill a blatant agenda outside the scope of the contribution

About Dramascope

Dramascope is an online public discussion forum developed to facilitate an open, engaged, and critical dialogue pertaining to themes directly or indirectly linked to drama therapy. It is intended to spark conversation and inquiry regarding emerging topics in the field, inclusive of scope of practice and theoretical orientation.

Readers are encouraged to share their responses directly on the blogsite and engage in ongoing discussion about the content of a post.

Dramascope is subject to NADTA oversight and jurisdiction. Policies regarding content will be determined by the NADTA and its governing bodies.

Contributors to the blog are via solicitation or by submitting a proposal directly to the Editor-in-Chief:

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding Dramascope should be directed to the NADTA Comm. Chair:

The Dramascope Team:
Editor-in-Chief: Margaret Powell, MA
Technical Editor: Danielle Levanas, MA
Managing Editor: Caitie Parsons, MA
NADTA Communications Chair: Jason Frydman, MA, RDT
NADTA President-Elect: Jason Butler, MA, RDT-BCT, LCAT
NADTA President: Nadya Trytan, MA, RDT-BCT